Thursday, July 26, 2012

Creating the ultimate school and awards, awards, awards

Read an interesting article about a small group of educators who will be traveling the country looking for amazing school and educators. Eventually, they will use the information they gather to create professional development videos and open their own school. You can read more, and even suggest schools for them to visit here:

A big thank you to Jean over at Diving Into 2nd Grade for nominating me for not one, but two awards! Woo hoo! First, the Versatile bloggers award
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 4. Give seven random facts about yourself
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Ok, seven random facts....
1. I used to sing (semi-professionally) and thought that was what I would do with my life
2. I am addicted to reality t.v., it is an obsession of mine.
3. I love music and will randomly belt out show tunes
4. I HATE cleaning, but I wish I didn't
5. When I was little I used to wish I was on "Little House on the Prairie"
 6. I have been a dog bather at a grooming salon
7. I have 2 children, 14 years apart

 And the nominees are.....
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The nominees...
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Another big thank you to Cheryl over at Diving Into Learning for my next award
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The nominees...
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  1. Best wished on your student teaching and thanks so much for the Blog Award!


    1. Thank you, I am really nervous!
      You are welcome, I enjoy your blog :-)

  2. Best wished on your student teaching and thanks so much for the Blog Award!