Saturday, July 28, 2012

Great resource for Kindergarten and First grade teachers

Some of you may already know about Harry Kindergarten, but for those who don't you should check it out. Harry Kindergarten (great name) is a channel on Youtube. Mr. Harry is a kindergarten teacher in PA. He creates songs and videos for his class, focusing on literacy, math, social studies, and behavior. There may even be a few science songs in there as well. His videos are fun and "hip." The children really enjoy them. One of the teachers I observed, used Harry kindergarten as a technology resource for many of her lessons. So, if you have not heard of Harry Kindergarten yet, check him out at

I wanted to add... Nicole, over at Lanier's Lions has reached 100 followers. Woohoo, congrats! To celebrate, she is having a great giveaway. 5 followers will win an item of the choice from her TPT or TN stores. You only have two days left to enter, so get hopping.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Creating the ultimate school and awards, awards, awards

Read an interesting article about a small group of educators who will be traveling the country looking for amazing school and educators. Eventually, they will use the information they gather to create professional development videos and open their own school. You can read more, and even suggest schools for them to visit here:

A big thank you to Jean over at Diving Into 2nd Grade for nominating me for not one, but two awards! Woo hoo! First, the Versatile bloggers award
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Ok, seven random facts....
1. I used to sing (semi-professionally) and thought that was what I would do with my life
2. I am addicted to reality t.v., it is an obsession of mine.
3. I love music and will randomly belt out show tunes
4. I HATE cleaning, but I wish I didn't
5. When I was little I used to wish I was on "Little House on the Prairie"
 6. I have been a dog bather at a grooming salon
7. I have 2 children, 14 years apart

 And the nominees are.....
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The nominees...
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Another big thank you to Cheryl over at Diving Into Learning for my next award
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The nominees...
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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Can I ask you a question?

Last night my daughter mentioned that school starts in three weeks. What? Three weeks? Ack! That means I start in three weeks too. How did that sneak up on me so fast? Anxiety attack - breathe. Ok, so in three weeks I will begin my student teaching. So I started thinking that I should seek out some advice. Who better to ask than people who have been there before, right? So, what is your advice as I begin this new chapter. What did you wish someone had told you before you started? What is the one piece of advice you wish you had been given?

Saturday, July 21, 2012

A Little Blog Hop

I have my first follower! WooHoo! Thank you to Sara at Miss V's Busy Bees for jumping in and being the first :-) While I was on her blog, I saw there is a blog hop going on...and it is for Newbies :-) So, let's get hopping.
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1. I am in Arizona
2. I will begin student teaching in the fall
3. I was a parapro for 10 years (Kindergarten 5 years, 2nd grade 2 years, and K-6 reading intervention 3 years)
4. I am a super newbie, I started my blog today!
5. Hmmm, being so new at this I am not sure I have tips. However, being a blog reader I would say to put your follow me near the top. It is annoying to find a blog that you love but then not be able to figure out how to follow.

How I got here

When my oldest child was in kindergarten, I was a SAHM. The teacher asked for classroom helpers and I volunteered. Wow, I loved it! I came every day that year. When the end of the year rolled around, they offered me a job :-). I became a parapro and really enjoyed my job. I loved working with the children and had some amazing teachers to work with as well. Everyone kept asking me when I was going to be a teacher. The more they asked, the more I started really thinking about it. I realized how much I loved working in education. I had dreams of my own classroom. So, I made the decision to go back to school and earn my degree. Now the time has come when I have finished my classes! (What? I can't believe I am finally here!) I will be student teaching this fall! August is coming fast and I have found myself growing more nervous, actually terrified! Today, however, I turned a corner. As I thought about this coming school year I began to feel excited. I have made progress :-)