Friday, August 3, 2012

Maybe I should go to Vegas

I have been hopping around, reading blog after blog. The closer I get to the start of my student teaching, the more I seem to want to read about all of you out there in teacher land. As I stop by, I notice so many giveaways happening, so of course I enter. Now, I enter but never expect to win. I never win anything, really. BUT, I just won two. Yep, that is right TWO giveaways. I am not sure how that even happened, my grandmother was the lucky one in the family, not me. Now that my luck is changing maybe I should go to Vegas. Naw, I think I will just enter more giveaways :-) winning teacher stuff is sooo much more fun! Anyway, my first was from
First Grade Fascination
I won a set of her back to school math and literacy centers. You can choose from frogs or owls. I loved both, but chose owls. SO CUTE! Check out her TPT store at 

I also won a giveaway over at
Lanier's Kindergarten Lions
The giveaway was for one item from her TPT or TN store. I chose the Number Math Centers from her TPT store at! 

I am so excited to print these and get them ready for the students. 

Now a question. How do you print all of your TPT buys/wins/finds? Do you print them at home? (WOW that is a lot of ink!), print them at a printing that more cost effective? Or print them at school, will I be able to do that as a student teacher?


  1. THanks for leaving the comment over on my blog! Welcome to the world of blogging :)

    As far as printing, I print about half of the things I buy at home and half at school. You may not be able to print them at your school if you are a student teacher, unless you become good friends with the teacher who is mentoring you and she lets you use her copy/printer code (that's how it is at my school).

    I also ALWAYS look through the packets to see if they offer BW and Color options. If so, I only print out in color what I absolutely need to be color. The rest, I stick to black and white. :)
    Hope that's helpful!

    The Hands-On Teacher in First!

    1. Thank you Marie. I guess I need to go get some printer ink :-) (my teen flys through it whenever I have any).

  2. Congrats on winning the giveaways :) I print things all at home since I don't have my own classroom yet - but like above, I only print things in color if absolutely necessary!

    Miss V's Busy Bees

    1. Thank you Sara. I learned how to print in gray scale so even if a packet does not provide BW copies, I can still conserve my colored ink. Thanks for stopping by!