Monday, June 24, 2013

...and the fun begins! I got the keys to my classroom

I got the keys!!!! Woohoo, so excited, now the fun can begin :-)

Here are picture of my space. It was previously a data room, so a lot of stuff is still in there.
Excuse the mess :-) I guess I have some clean-up to do before I start.

 Here is the front of the room
A SmartBoard is on order, hoping to have it by the start of school. You can see my little munchkin making herself at home (notice the shoes on the floor). My oldest is hiding behind the overhead (I haven't see one of those in a long time, forgot what they were called! Ha).

Here is the back wall
It is still a data wall, so all of that will have to go somewhere (not sure where though).  The cabinet on the left will be my teacher cabinet.

Here is the left wall, with windows :-)
Love the windows! They make me so happy, although I noticed that they are shorter than the windows that were in the room where I long-termed.

I could not get the pictures of the other wall to merge, so that is all for now.

I am super excited though, now that I see what I am working with, I can start to mentally plan out where I want everything to go...Exciting!!


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