Wednesday, May 22, 2013

No name? ....No problem!

I have seen some really cute ideas for what to do with those no name papers that always seem to turn up. I was always amazed when, even though I gathered the papers myself and checked for names, there were always one or two without a name when I was grading. How does that even happen?

Anyway, as I am gathering ideas for my classroom (My own classroom! Can you tell I am still so excited?!) I wanted to make one of those cute no name signs like
 found on Mrs. Brown's Blog . So I went on a Michael's shopping trip (any excuse to buy crafting stuff).  I had planned on getting a blank board and then wood letters to place on top of the board. That was my crafty inspired vision, but they did not have letters the right size. (Too big or too small, I was channeling my inner Goldilocks). So, I looked around for some inspiration and found it in a little wooden owl.
See him sitting down there in the corner? Isn't he cute? I love all of the owl themes this year, but I also like the birds, some of the cute trees, and the random animals I have seen lately. I have decided to have a woodsy theme in my classroom so I can use them all :-)
Here it is all painted. Now I am ready to get out the glue gun and put it all together.
All done! I added some glitter to the letters to make them stand out a little. I also used a sharpie to add some lines around the frame. I had to stagger the clothespins a bit because the alligator's length threw everything off. I love it though :-)

What do you do with the No namers?


  1. I love your creation, too cute! I am thinking about changing my classroom theme next year, so once I do that I might have to attempt one of these myself! :o)


    1. Thank you! :-) It was really fun to do and did not take long at all.

      What theme or themes are you thinking about for next year?