Friday, May 10, 2013

Teacher Discounts - Let's Save Some Money

Third grade here I come....I got the job! I am so beyond excited. I jumped up and down when they called me to offer me the job (the third grade team was in the background yelling, I imagine they were jumping up and down too) :-) .

So now I sit and think of next year. Whew! There is a a lot to do! 3rd grade! I have so many things I need. I have an entire closet full of things for K-1st grade (thanks to my amazing teacher friend who retired and passed her stuff to me), but now I will be teaching 3rd grade. (Ahh, multiplication, division, fractions). 

I was looking up teacher discounts and found a BUNCH of shops that offer discounts to teachers. You can see lists of them here and here . There are so many out there that I did not even know about! Make sure to look in the comments section as well because many people have been adding to the lists. 

So, where is your favorite place to save money? Do you have any that are not on the list? I know that here in Arizona, Bookmans (a used books and more store)  offers a teacher discount of 20% through their Project:Educate program - cool! If you live in Arizona, you can sign up here . Have any to share?

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