Wednesday, May 1, 2013

....I have an interview!

Ok, this is it, the time has finally come. I have an interview for a teaching position! I am super excited, and also really nervous. I know this school and they know me, but I am still nervous. A lot is riding on this. My hopes, my dreams, my future...gasp! Ok, maybe I should not put so much pressure on myself over this, breathe. Whew.

I am getting my portfolio ready. It will include
My resume (which includes my educational philosophy)
My classroom management plan
My professional growth plan for my first 5 years of teaching
Three lessons (1 math, 1 science, and 1 social studies)

I will be going down today to purchase a binder, page protectors (oh wait, I have some already) and page separators.

Is that it? Am I good? Is there anything else I need/ should have?

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